Fresh salmon – when to buy?

How to choose

Six out of ten bought salmon come from aquaculture. The species that is normally farmed is the Atlantic salmon (Norway, Scotland, Ireland and Chile)which is very rich in flavor.  Its origin has to be verified of smoked salmon and the words “salted with dry salt” quality assurance. If nothing is specified, it is more likely that the salmon was salted with brine, a mixture of water and salt that swells the meat.

How to Choose Salmon

Pink salmon, is commonly sold sliced​​, the meat should have a pink color more than red and be firm with a fresh scent of the sea.
If it is whole it should be firm and bright with red gills and clear eyes.
Smoked salmon has to look greasy but not too fatty.  It should look tender with a smoky aroma and light pink color, cooled under vacuum.

Smoked salmon

Is one that is subjected to a traditional preservation method, where the fish are smoked with a cold mixture of wood (beech, birch, oak, ash, alder) and added with aromatic essences (juniper, sage, heather).
Some are imported and smoked, while others arrive frozen and are smoked by the importer.
The most renowned is wild salmon which is smoked in a traditional way and cut to suit the consumer. Scottish salmon is considered the best; it has an orange-pink color, is soft and melting.
Danish smoked salmon has a milder taste than the previous, but still very tasty, its color is a pale blonde.
The Norwegian is peach pink and has a more pronounced flavor.
Canadian smoked salmon have a more reddish color and a drier texture.
The best are the king species, which are frozen as are captured before being smoked.

How to choose the smoked salmon

The more recent the smoking, the better the fish.
The central portion of the salmon is of higher quality. The slices near the tail are drier and saltier.
If we buy the whole smoked salmon choose one that weighs between 1,250 and 1,500 grams because they are usually softer and finer than small fish.
The normal thing is to find industrially smoked salmon which is sold precut and vacuum packed such as a semi conserve.

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