Cooking recommendations for Chilean salmon

There is only one secret to fully enjoy its delicious texture, its juicy meat, its delicate and tasty flavor: do not overcook. Advised cooking time varies depending on the type of preparation.
– Barbequed or grilled: cook one minute per side for steaks, or three minutes for loins, given that they are slightly thicker cuts.
– Oven baked salmon: with just five minutes you can get a juicy and flavorful meal, especially if accompanied by succulent potatoes and vegetables as a side dish.
– Additionally, the pink colored meat always brings a happy touch to any dish prepared with it.
Salmon can be easily integrated into dishes of typical Brazilian cuisine. Another way to prepare are with pepper kebabs or in a rich vatapa. In salads, with vegetables and fish bouillon, in rice stew or breaded. You can also prepare salmon with “tapas”, and all the possibilities salmon offers (fresh or smoked) are infinite.

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